The video-making process

When you engage with Remote Sky Films, it's our goal to make the process as seamless as possible for you! In the eyes of your customers, we want you to look happy and professional and that can only be achieved if it's a fun and rewarding experience for you too.

Our team are passionate about achieving outstanding results for our clients and will go above and beyond to achieve that.

When working with Remote Sky Films, here are the 4 main steps to creating a video or film:

1. Pre-Production & Planning

  • Our producer will learn your goals & objectives
  • Understanding your products & services
  • Planning the episodes required
  • Storyboarding each video to determine what footage to capture and how it will mesh together to effectively get the message to your audience

2. Film Shoot

  • Our production crew will come on-site with cameras, lighting and audio equipment to capture the required footage
  • Establishing and wide shots are filmed using our drone fleet
  • Interviews and audio grabs are recorded with key personnel
  • Review of raw footage and re-takes where needed
  • Professional voice-overs are obtained

3. Editing & Post-Production

  • Footage and audio from the film shoot is sorted and categorised for easy access by our post-production team
  • Our film editors use the latest software to bring together the footage into a single production
  • Animations and titles are applied
  • Music and sound effects are applied
  • Private publishing and review with you

4. Publish your Video

  • We will provide a secure download for you to access the high resolution version of your production (usually High Definition HD or Ultra High Definition 4K UHD)
  • We can assist in the process of setting up social platforms such as YouTube and uploading the content
  • Where applicable, we conduct a retrospective with you to assess what we did well and what could be improved for next time.